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The Office: Jim and Pam's First Kiss 10th Anniversary | Time May 11, 2016 ... The Office Director Revisits Jim and Pam's Magical First Kiss ... Kwapis — the director of the NBC sitcom's “Casino Night” episode — recently ... The Office: ''Casino Night'' Review - IGN May 12, 2006 ... Jim declaring his love to Pam in the parking lot in "Casino Night" was wonderfully written, directed, and acted. Everything was pitch-perfect ... The Office Quotes (NBC) | Season 2 - Casino Night The Office Season 2 Quotes - Casino Night ... Jim Halpert: Whoa, I think you mean the Aid to Afghanistan. ... Pam Beasley: --what your friendship means to me.

I was recently watching the "Casino Night" episode of the office, when I listened to the phone conversation between Pam and her Mom (before Jim walks in) and I tried ...

Tags: the office, season 2, highlight, dunder mifflin, casino night, john krasinski, jim, jenna fischer, pam, roy, gambling, poker, the talk, emotions, confess, jim ... The Office: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Jim And Pam's ... In "Casino Night", Jim openly admits his feelings for Pam and informs her he wants to be more than friends. Later, Jim goes to her in the office and kisses her, and Pam doesn't pull away. It was wrong for both of them. They also knew Angela was cheating on Andy with Dwight. Neither Pam nor Jim stepped up to tell Andy. The Office Episodes | Casino Night Episode The Office Episodes Episode - Casino Night. The episode starts out with Jim trying to convince Dwight that he can move objects with his mind. With a little help from Pam he does. The premise for the episode is that the company has turned the warehouse into a casino and they will gamble for charity.

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Pam Beesly - Wikipedia In an attempt at a fresh start with Roy, Pam comes clean about Jim kissing her during "Casino Night". Roy flies into a violent rage and Pam ends the relationship on the spot. The next day, Roy attempts to attack Jim in the office but is stopped by Dwight's pepper spray and is summarily fired. The Office (U.S.) | Netflix

Jim halpert and Pam Beasley = best thing ever to happen to TV. The Office - Casino Night: The moment Jim knew he couldn't keep his feelings inside anymore. Honestly, this is the best love interest acting in this decade bar none. Jim-Pam Relationship | Dunderpedia: The Office Wiki ... Looking for a fresh start with Roy, Pam decides to tell him about what happened in the casino night ("Cocktails"), which prompts Roy to act violently and eventually attempt to assault Jim in the office ("The Negotiation"). This event puts a strain on her relationship with Jim and they become ever more distant. The Office: Jim and Pam's first kiss | Fans of the show know that Pam and Jim’s love story started long before “Casino Night,” though — Kwapis, for one, thinks the first notable moment between the future husband and wife was in ... The Office: Jim and Pam's first kiss |