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Medicine Cabinet Razor Slot - medicine cabinet razor slot medicine cabinet razor slot The cabinet then nestles into the cutout, making it nearly flush with the wall.Razor blade slot in medicine cabinet. When done with your razor blades, insert through the hole and they fall down into the wall of the house. Ask Vance: Shelby Blade Company - Memphis magazine Dear E.G.: As a child, I was fascinated by the slot in the back of bathroom medicine cabinets, where you were supposed to drop used razor blades, instead of tossing them in the trash. This was a safe way to discard them, but I often wondered if there was a huge pile of rusty blades piled up in the ... Medicine cabinet blade slot | Badger & Blade | Forum Medicine cabinet blade slot. Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by d_random, Jan 16, 2008.I've got a useless question that I have always wondered about, the safety razor blade slot in old medicineOr do the blade fairies in the walls use 'em to shave their beards? Who knows?

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Old time medicine cabinets had a slot in the back for used razor blades. ( submitted 4 ... The upstairs bathroom medicine cabinet/mirror has one of these slots. There's a little storage area behind that wall (my husband calls it a troll door) and they fall in there. ... razor blades were basically single use. As soon as they got wet ... Old Medicine Cabinets With Razor Bladeslots old medicine cabinets with razor bladeslots old medicine cabinets with razor bladeslots Old medicine cabinet stunning time cabinets had a slot in the back for used razor with regard to.Jan 03, 2019 · The house I grew up in has medicine cabinets with those slots in the back panel. Razorblades in the wall... | Razor Blades In Walls | Wall ... razor blade slot in medicine cabinet - there was one in my Grandmother's house. She kept finding razor blades on the basement floor and finally figured out that when Granpa put the blade in the slit it was going through the wall into the basement. razor blade slot in medicine cabinet--we have these in our house now--post war cape cod.

This is a simple, efficient solution to the sometimes annoying problem of safe disposal of old blades. We decided to come up with a way to add a slot to your bathroom wall so worrying about used blades is a thing of the past, and add a great conversation piece to your bathroom! INCLUDES:

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Used razor blade slot in medicine cabinet? | The DIS ... Used razor blade slot in medicine cabinet? Discussion in 'Community Board' started by stevenpensacola, Apr 9, 2012. Remember when medicine cabinets had those little slots for ... I have a medicine cabinet in my kids bathroom that has the slot for used blades it was actually my wife that pointed it out to me the other day house was built in 1910 but I'm sure the medicine cabinet was from the 60's no idea if there are used razor blades in my wall

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